Wulong Tea Weight Loss

Wulong tea has received a lot of attention for its potential to help with weight loss. Anyone who has ever tried to loose weight will likely agree that any safe weight loss aid would be welcomed into their routine. But does this idea of wulong tea weight loss have any merit?

The other tea that is often marketed as a weight loss tea is green tea. Remember that all true teas — black, wulong, green and white — come from the tea plant Camellia sinensis. The main difference between these teas is the way they are processed. Black tea is fully oxidized while green tea is unoxidized. Wulong tea is partially oxidized so it falls in a range between black and green tea.

Since all of these teas come from the same plant they have similar health benefits, although the oxidation process does slightly vary the health promoting components. For instance green tea receives much attention for its high level of catechins which contribute to a number of its health claims. As tea is oxidized the catechin level decreases a bit but other healthy components know as theaflavins and thearubigins increase.

Tea in general will help slightly increase metabolism and it also helps metabolize fat. Based on studies that have been done it seems the catechins in tea are at least partially responsible for the way tea helps our bodies metabolize fat. Since green tea and wulong tea have a higher level of catechins they will be a little more effective for this.

Tea is also known to give you energy, probably to some degree because of the caffeine. Anytime you have more energy it’s easier to be more active which in turn helps burn more calories.

It’s important to remember that there isn’t a magical slimming tea or weight loss tea that will make you instantly shed pounds or burn belly fat overnight. While wulong tea may give you a boost with your weight loss efforts drinking tea alone won’t make you loose significant weight. But if you drink wulong tea along with a sensible diet and exercise routine it should give a boost to your weight loss efforts.

Make sure you know what you’re getting when you buy a tea for weight loss. There are many products marketed as slimming tea or weight loss tea, but many of these contain blends of herbs. Some of them may not even have true tea in them. Some of these blends are strong diuretics which will make you drop water weight. But depending on your circumstances this may not be good for you.

So there is some merit to the idea of wulong tea weight loss. Since wulong tea has so many other health benefits try a few and find your favorites. According to all the research it’s always beneficial to add a little more true tea to your diet. Plus brewing tea and drinking tea is an enjoyable experience in itself. It’s nice to know that enjoying a cup of your favorite Chinese oolong, maybe Wu Yi oolong, comes with so many other benefits. Drink up and enjoy!