Wulong Tea Tours

Have you ever been curious to see up close and personal where your favorite teas come from, and how the tea leaves are picked and processed? Well you may be in luck.

Starting in 2009 Seven Cups, a well-known Chinese tea importer, will be leading three separate tours of back-country tea gardens in China. These tours are for the avid tea enthusiast who’s truly interested in observing the delicate and intriguing tea making process and who is not afraid of putting in a little physical effort to get there.

These tours will take place during the harvesting and processing of green tea, wulong tea, black tea, yellow tea and puer tea. These tour will occur at slightly different times of the year to match the harvesting schedule of the different types of tea. These fun and rigorous tours will include traveling on foot, bicycle, train, bus and even by a bamboo boat to reach the remote and somteimes exotic areas where all these wonderful teas are grown and harvested.

These tea tours are limited to 10 people each and they will be led by one of the two founders of Seven Cups, one of whom is an authentic certified Chinese tea master. A good majority of the tour will be spent in intimate meetings with Chinese tea masters in their own personal tea gardens. Another large chunk of the tours will be conducted among workshops in the beautiful countryside of China.

The Summer Tea Tour, which will take place from May to June of 2009, will feature Chinese oolong teas and black teas harvested in early summer.

Hopefully this is something they will continue to offer. What an experience and opportunity to see the full process of wulong tea production live and in person. And imagine learning about the detailed and rich wulong tea history from true Chinese tea masters.