My Wulong Tea Pot

Any tea drinker knows the importance of the tea pots you choose. When you drink tea regularly you know there are various aspects of a tea pot that can make the tea drinking experience better or not quite as good from the looks to the functionality of it.

I know the look and feel of my mom’s everyday tea pot will be ingrained in my memory for years to come. It is attractive yet durable and it is also functional, which is probably why it stuck around for so long. When I stopped to think about it I realized she has been using that tea pot regularly for over 25 years, and she is still using it.

It may sound a little funny, but it’s amazing how many memories I have tied to that particular tea pot. There is evening tea with the family, afternoon tea talking with my mom, tea when friends or extended family were at our house. Whenever someone dropped by to visit my dad would always suggest we brew a pot of tea.

Tea pots can become a focal point of a gathering, or just in your daily life. So if you’re planning on using tea pots regularly it’s good to figure out exactly what you want and how it will be used before shopping for tea pots. You may even want a couple different tea pots for different uses.

Types of Tea Pots

There are many tea pots available so you may want to start by narrowing down your choices based on your taste and how you want to use them. Do you want an English tea pot, an Asian tea pot, a cast iron tea pot — a tetsubin, a glass tea pot or a clay tea pot?

I recently bought a new tea pot because I wasn’t happy with my previous one. I knew what I didn’t like about the old tea pot which helped me when I bought the new pot for some wulong tea I had recently purchased. I went with a cast iron tea pot, commonly called a tetsubin.

Cast iron tea pots are nice in that they keep the tea warm. They are definitely durable, but you do need to take care of the enamel coating on the inside to foster longevity. If that chips or becomes damaged you could have a problem with the pot rusting. Tetsubins typically aren’t made to use on the stove, even though that was their original function. Most cast iron tea pots sold today are just meant for infusing or brewing tea. Cast iron tea pots are quite heavy, which may be a drawback to some, but they generally come with a handy infusing basket and they pour nicely. I’ve been very happy with mine.

A glass tea pot has a nice, clean look and it also allows you to enjoy and monitor the color of the tea you are brewing. Glass tea pots are also necessary if you have an interest in flowering tea, sometimes also known as blooming tea. You will definitely need a glass tea pot to watch the bulb of flowering tea slowly unfold into a beautiful flower before your eyes. Blooming teas are a lot of fun if you have a guest or guests over for tea, especially if they’ve never experienced it before. You can find both glass tea pots and flowering tea online or at tea shops and even some nicer grocery stores that sell a good variety of teas. Numi tea makes a nice set.

Clay tea pots, specifically ones made from Yixing clay, are porous meaning they will absorb the flavor of the tea you brew in it. A Yixing clay tea pot will absorb some of the tea each time you use it; when used regularly more and more of the tea flavor will remain in the clay then be released each time you brew. This enhances the tea and makes a better brew than a regular teapot would. But you may want to use a different clay tea pot for different varieties of tea, for example one for wulong tea and one for green tea. Otherwise the flavors may mix, especially if you normally brew a stronger tea in that clay tea pot but every so often you want to brew a light tea. Some of the flavor of the stronger tea may blend into the lighter one and change the true flavor.

What To Look For In A Tea Pot

Before shopping for tea pots think about some of the basics like, how many ounces you want it to hold, do you want one that comes with a brewing basket or other tea infuser, what appearance or style are you looking for, do you want matching cups to have a full tea set. When you are getting ready to make a purchase make sure it is well made and easy or comfortable for you to use.

I’ve always enjoyed drinking tea, but brewing tea has become a much more enjoyable experience now too since I purchased my new tea pot.